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If protecting the environment using green cleaning and environmentally friendly practices is important to you, Clean Living has a solution. Our customizable green cleaning program gives you the ability to choose how ‘green’ you want to be.

Start with green cleaning products and incorporate recycling programs and more – whatever green strategies right for your company and your people. Looking for recommendations on how to be more green in your business? Clean Living can review your current cleaning and maintenance programs, as well as your overall business, to determine what environmentally-friendly programs can or should be introduced.

We’ll take into account your goals, budget constrains and building limitations to develop strategies that are right for your business.

“Going green” with your business can happen in many ways, including:


  • Use of attachments and filters that capture finer particles from carpets and furniture

  • Paper products that meet EPA standards for recyclability

  • Hands-free devices that reduce cross-contamination potential

  • Products that use less packaging and waste

  • Low VOC cleaners and chemical








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