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Let us protect your surfaces during construction. It'll save you time and money at the end of the project. Call us for a free quote.


Clean Living Site Protection Services will protect any floor, glass, cabinets and trim with a variety of products that grip the surface to keep all dirt and contaminants out. This is perfect for protecting all types of floor surface from paint, construction debris, or remodeling damage.


We also offer a line of temporary protective peelable coatings are non hazardous, water based coatings designed to protect glass, aluminum, and other non porous surfaces during transportation and installation in addition to the potential damage throughout the construction process. These coatings are resistant to paint, concrete splatter, scratch and minor impact damage. They can be used indoors and out and can remain pliable and peelable for extended periods of time.

These coatings are applied via airless sprayer, roller, or brush. When no longer needed they can be peeled in a sheet  and discarded with no environmental impact. They contain no VOC’s and are biodegradable.

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